Montreal's building and home inspection

You have finally found the property of your dream.
You have only one question : What is the real condition of the property?

Corbin Conseil Inc. inspects the exterior, the structure, the doors & windows, the interior, the electricity, the plumbing, the roof and the ventilation system. In fact, Corbin Conseil Inc. checks and verifies everything that is visible in order to give you a real idea of the property’s condition. Avoid surprises and have peace of mind.


  • Residential property inspection.
  • Inspection for drains and ventilation ducks. Vit a 'See Snake Camera'.
  • Specific problem consultation.
  • Renovation project consultation.
  • Lawsuit and hidden defect consultation.
  • Income properties and real estate speculation consultation.


Rénald Corbin, President, has been involved in real estate for more than 20 years as a contractor, as a chatered real estate broker and as a qualified building inspector.


The length of an inspection varies according to the size and the type of property, (On average it takes 3 hours). Once the inspection is completed, the inspector resumes his findings to the buyers and sellers. Then a detailed report with digital pictures is sent by internet to the buyer within 24 hours.